About Us Your Trusted Logistics Partner

Who We Are

Blackjack Express has been in business since 1995, fulfilling the needs of transportation customers and are expert in transporting perishable and non-perishable commodities within the contiguous United States. Blackjack’s customers include some of the leading Retail, Wholesale, and Foodservice Companies in North America.

They are proud of the reputation they have been able to achieve during the past two decades and are focused on continuous improvement of our service levels.

What We Do

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, we focus on cross country freight delivery. By remaining transparent to the customer and only utilizing industry leading heavy equipment operators, we are able to provide consistent, high quality service without headaches or interruptions.

Blackjack Express is keen to serve its customers by all means and we invite you to review the enclosed general information regarding our services and/or rates.


Joel Plotsky


In 1995, Joel opened the doors of Blackjack Express. Using his prior experience as a logistics agent, he focused on customer satisfaction and quick service. Now, he drives customer growth and development, continually building on the core foundations set over 20 years ago. With determination and a smile, Joel is always ready to build lasting partnerships and expand his team’s capabilities to ensure client’s success.

Alex Renko

Director of Operations

Knowledge and strategy are the founding cornerstones of Alex’s logistics career. Touting over 20 years of industry experience, Alex spearheads the logistics team in acquisition, operations, and development. His aim is to build a independent team of experts with solid ethics and amiable personalities to foster success both internally and for Blackjack’s Clients.

Mark Renko

Account Manager

With close to a decade of account management experience, Mark is a cornerstone of the client management team. His constant emphasis on reliability and competency has guaranteed his clients dependable consistent deliveries, creating fewer claim and happier customers. When it absolutely needs to be done and done right, Mark is ready to help.

Jack Renko


Jack’s youthful energy and personal interest in the automotive industry are his fulcrum for delivery success. Managing the drivers and directing rerouting and exception handling, Jack’s unbridled teamwork and workmanship outstrip expectation. If you need immediate response, Jack is the front line defense for your freight.

Danny Durez

Account Manager

Danny made the transition to logistics in 2012, without looking back. He has been able to use his knowledge of the food industry and his teamwork communication skills to consistently improve customer experience. His loyalty to his clients and their needs has been pivotal to Blackjack’s growth and development, while instilling a culture of hard work and fun.

Stan Marusarz


Stan is a master. Not exactly sure what he is the master of, but I am pretty darn sure he is the master of something. Also, he has a pretty sweet ride and speak polish like a person extremely competent at speaking polish. So, he has that going for him.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Client Success Tools

Blackjack uses industry leading technology and innovative internal processes to ensure that every client has access to the information they need when they need it. Not only does Blackjack deliver loads, but they deliver piece of mind as well.

Management & Reporting

By taking advantage of over 20 years of load data and analysis, Blackjack offers accurate rates on reliable lanes. In addition, you gain access to our logistics experts, helping to make the right call at the right time.

Expert Managers

Blackjack values client relationships so much, we dedicate our account managers to your freight. Our account managers not only manager your loads, but grow with you, learning your industry and your internal needs. Whenever and wherever, we are on call ready to haul your freight, because your business is our business.

Financial Powerhouse

Blackjack Express is financially backed by a world class factoring agency and top of the line credit. This allows us to pass our stability and effort to you, so we can help your business grow.